Shea butter with Argan oil

Get to know about Shea butter!


Shea butter is one of the best natural products for skin. It is extracted from Shea seeds that grow in regions of the west of Africa. Shea butter is used in several fields, on top of which cosmetic field; as it is reach of vitamins and essential amino acids for the skin. Shea butter is characterized by its rapid absorption via skin that provides it with deep moisture, such effect last for long period of time.


Shea butter nourishes skin, offers skin and hair numerous benefits. So, it is considered one of the utmost preferred natural products for skin, hair and nail care. Shea butter is named THE AFRICAN GOLD, as it is renowned for its usage in women beauty care routine thousands of years ago.


Shea butter with Argan oil:

The ideal mixture to unify skin color and eradication of aging signs


Usage of Argan oil:


  • Moisturize skin and increase its elasticity
  • Protect from stretch marks
  • Protect from damage caused by harmful sunlight
  • Control oil secretion level and fight against acne
  • Protect hair from damage and split ends


With aging, skin render exhausted and displays certain features:


  • Reduction of fats levels in the subcutaneous layer, “below the dermis lies the subcutaneous layer which consists mainly of fats, such layer gives the skin its consistency and elasticity and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines”, during aging the subcutaneous layer diminishes thus wrinkles and fine lines starts to appear, especially in the forehead, around eyes and smile lines.
  • Rate of collagen production declines, collagen is the main factor for skin elasticity and protection against aging signs.
  • The rate of skin cell regeneration deteriorates, this is due to insufficiency in vitamins and supplement essential for skin cell regeneration.
  • Appearance of periorbital dark circles and swallow area due to skin exhaustion.


Benefits of Shea butter with Argan:


      The blend of Shea butter and Argan is the ideal solution for deep moisturization of skin. It promotes collagen production, cure acne, dark spots and periorbital dark circles. It unifies skin color through the elimination of any traces of acne, pigmented spots and periorbital dark circles.

It protect skin against aging signs and exhaustion as the blend of Shea butter and Argan is rich of vitamins A, E, F, K and essential amino acids.


Shea butter and Argan oil blend is characterized by:

  • Full of vitamins essential for your skin softness
  • Eradicate aging signs and wrinkles
  • Unify your skin color tone and removes acne and dark spots traces
  • Perfect remedy for periorbital dark circles and wrinkles in periorbital area

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