Shea butter with Vitamin E

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Shea butter is one of the best natural products for skin. It is extracted from Shea seeds that grow in regions of the west of Africa. Shea butter is used in several fields, on top of which cosmetic field; as it is reach of vitamins and essential amino acids for the skin. Shea butter is characterized by its rapid absorption via skin that provides it with deep moisture, such effect last for long period of time.


Shea butter nourishes skin, offers skin and hair numerous benefits. So, it is considered one of the utmost preferred natural products for skin, hair and nail care. Shea butter is named THE AFRICAN GOLD, as it is renowned for its usage in women beauty care routine thousands years ago.


Shea butter with Vitamin E

Shea butter blend rich in vitamin E [antioxidant], protect your skin from various oxidation factors, e.g. humidity, dust, sunlight, and other factors that cause skin dehydration and appearance of early aging signs. This blend also supplies your skin with vitamins and essential amino acids that moisturize, strengthen and soften your skin.


Benefits of vitamin E:

Vitamin E is considered as an essential vitamin for skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin E protects skin and hair cells from damage causing factors “oxidants” like: sunlight, pollution, dust, depression, stress and unhealthy diet. It also protect skin and hair from exhaustion and inflammation that results from the continual exposure to such oxidants.


Uses of vitamin E:

  • Prevent emersion of aging signs
  • Protect from harmful sunlight
  • Maintain skin moisture and prevent inflammation
  • Soothe inflammation results from sunburns
  • Decrease traces of acne


Vitamin E is safe for all skin types, and it can be used during all daytime weather in morning or at night.


Benefits of Shea butter with Vitamin E:

You can obtain the ultimate protection for your skin by using Shea butter and Vitamin E blend because it:

  • Moisturizes skin deeply and rapidly absorbed
  • Protects against oxidants, e.g., humidity, harmful sunlight and dust
  • Prevents dehydration, wrinkles and acne
  • Protects delicate skin of lips from dehydration
  • Strengthens skin in circumorbital region and protects it from wrinkles and periorbital dark circles
  • Protects your hair cells from damage factors like heat, chemicals and other styling tools
  • Strengthens nails and accelerates its growth

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